Dr. Amy. H. Gordon is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician whose practice is located at Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station in Lutherville, Maryland.  Dr. Gordon’s practice is founded on her belief in the importance of melding both the art and the science of Medicine in order to provide optimal patient care. Fundamental to Dr. Gordon’s practice is the recognition that health promotion as well as disease prevention and  illness management are best addressed in an intimate and caring collaboration, built over time, and unhurried.

Dr. Gordon’s practice is designed to be small. There is ample time for new and follow up office visits.  Patients have easy access to Dr. Gordon via phone or email.

Dr. Gordon works with patients to consider all aspects of their lives including diet, exercise, as well as emotional and environmental stressors. She focuses on lifestyle choices that may contribute to vulnerability to acute or chronic medical conditions.  She works collaboratively with her patients to anticipate and identify risks and address ongoing medical conditions.   Dr. Gordon assists her patients in realizing their potential to live a healthy, vigorous and peaceful existence-at any age.

The practice is a “retainer” model in which each patient pays an annual fee to be a member in the practice and enters into a private contract with Dr. Gordon.  There are no other fees or expenses rendered to the patient.  Please see the FAQ section for more information or contact the office at rraimon1@jhmi.edu